I'm Vlad Kats

I’m often asked about my business journey.  I'll share mine with you here and am looking forward to hearing about yours...


After more than 15 years in the real estate industry, the lessons I learned, experiences I acquired, and connections I made along the way are now used by my clients to grow their businesses, improve their lives, and avoid costly mistakes in the process.



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Thrive Real Estate Network


300+ members; over $1B in production

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Thrive Real Estate Network is a community of top-producing real estate professionals and leaders who are dedicated to learning, growing, and thriving together.  We believe that whom you surround yourself with matters!


In less than a year, our network has grown to almost 300 members who serve over 2,500 buyers and sellers annually with a combined transaction value of almost $1Billion.  Our members include some of the top “Whos” in real estate industry - published authors, national speakers, renowned coaches, and top producing teams that frequently appear on WSJ/RealTrends and America’s Best lists.


Currently, Thrive is supported by EXP Realty - the fastest growing residential real estate brokerage platform in the world.

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Five Doors Network


$10M+ Revenue; 100+ members

When I took over as the CEO, Five Doors was one of the largest and most renowned real estate expansion teams in the nation with 16 locations, more than 200 agents, and over $10M in annual revenues.  And just like many organizations in hyper-growth mode, Five Doors lacked the focus on profitability, financial controls, and operational execution.  On my first day in the role, the company had less than a month of operating expenses in the bank account.  Nothing like a good challenge to bring excitement to one’s business journey!


In the following months, I led the executive leadership team, our location growth partners, and our agents through the most turbulent time of the company’s existence… and not only did we make it through, we became stronger as a company with higher profitability and a stronger business foundation.


Results produced:


- Increased company's profit by 160.2%

- Reduced HQ expenses by 39.5%

- Increased corporate reserves by 289.9%

- Expanded into Omaha, NE and Roanoke, VA

- Caused a record year in financial performance (2019)


My most cherished activity as the CEO of Five Doors was developing leaders within the organization.  I was blessed to be surrounded by some of the biggest thinkers and achievers coast-to-coast who cared deeply about the people they served.  As a result, three of the local leaders I led went on to become Team Leaders (aka CEOs) within the Keller Williams system and are currently leading almost 1,000 agents between them.


In 2019, I stepped out of the role due to vision misalignment with the company's remaining founders.  A leader who I brought into the organization took over the reigns and has been leading and growing the organization since my departure.

Inc5000 List

#113 overall

#5 for real estate companies

& #1 in Maryland

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Keller Williams Legacy



#1 in net growth - 2016 - entire Keller Williams system - February 2017

#1 in units closed - 2016 - Growth category - Keller Williams

#1 in profit share - 2016 - Growth category - Keller Williams

#1 real estate office (all companies) in units closed in Baltimore City and County - starting 2015

#1 real estate office (all companies) in units closed in Maryland - starting 2017

#2 in net growth - 2015 - entire Keller Williams system

#5 in net growth - 2017 - entire Keller Williams system

- Over $1M in MC profit - 2017

- Built an Executive Leadership Team that recruited over 1,000 agents

- Increased production by 1,192% to 2,973 units closed in 2017

- Increased profit by 1,665%

- Increased profit share by 3,233%

- Hired myself out of the role

- Launched two KW franchises

KWL-Profit and recruiting ranking - 2015
KWL-Profit and recruiting ranking - 2016
KWL-Profit and recruiting ranking - 2017
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Atlas Home Group & Atlas Loss Mitigation


#1 Team in units closed - 2013 - Keller Williams Maryland/DC Region

#2 Team in units closed - 2014 - Keller Williams Maryland/DC Region (while serving as Team Leader at KW Legacy)