RealTrends/America's Best List - Five Biggest Mistakes Mega Agents Make

These five mistakes carry an invisible cost of tens of thousands of dollars each year lost clients and lost talent. Here’re the mistakes and how to avoid them!

Each year in mid-June, RealTrends publishes rankings for top real estate professionals and real estate sales teams in each state. These rankings are based on sold volume and closed transactions in the previous calendar year. 2021 rankings (based on 2020 data) contained five different categories: Individuals, Small Teams, Medium Teams, Large Teams, and Mega Teams.

Approximately 20,000 real estate agents and teams around the country earn a spot on this coveted list each year (according to RealTrends, that puts all of them in the top 1.5% of the industry!) and yet very few even know about it or take advantage of the honor that they earned through hard work and dedication to their businesses and their clients.

Here’s the link to the rankings:

In working with and leading real estate business owners and mega agents over the last decade, here’re the top five mistakes that I see them do year after year:

Mistake #1 - They Do Nothing

Yes! Most of the mega agents on the list do nothing with the information even after they find out that they are a cream of the crop in one of the toughest and most transparent industries. I don’t know if this inaction falls into the realm of “fake humility”, or whether they truly don’t have time, or if they are concerned about being judged by those around them (if this is the case, please consider changing your environment and fast).

Whatever the case may be, this mistake carries an invisible cost of lost business and lost talent acquisition as most winners want to work with other winners. And making America’s Best List shows that you’re one of the winners in the real estate sales game based on numbers, not opinions.

Overcoming this mistake: commit to doing something!

Mistake #2 - They Make It About Themselves

The source of this mistake is probably the opposite of the above “fake humility” and falls into the category of “arrogance”. You’ll be surprised, but many of those who do share this win with others make it all about how great they personally are in selling homes. Let’s be really clear: you would not be on this list if it wasn’t for your clients and, if you have a team, your team members.

Overcoming this mistake: give away the credit for this achievement to your clients and your team.

Mistake #3 - They Overthink It (This mistake is related to #1)

We all know that perfection is the killer of action and it’s not surprising that it plays out here. It starts with “what is the “absolute best” way of letting the world know about this?” and after weeks of thinking and talking about it, the result typically becomes “now it’s too late, I’ll do it next year if I make it”. NO and NO!

Overcoming this mistake: get into action right away, create a simple marketing piece with your logo, America’s Best List logo, and few words of gratitude to your clients, your team members, your coach, and anyone else who contributed to your professional journey, and push it out on social media and via email to your SOI.

Also, do not worry about the timing. It makes no difference whether you promote this success in June or several months later. You can always say something like “I almost forgot…”.

Mistake #4 - They Do Not Extend The Win’s Shelf-life

It’s kind of like winning a medal at the Olympics and then not displaying it in your home or office.

“Hey Michael Phelps, weren’t you one the best swimmers ever and didn’t you win all those medals?”

“Yes, I did”

“Wow, where are your medals?”

“Oh, they are in storage container somewhere”


I know I am being facetious here but you get the point.

Overcoming this mistake: put the America’s Best List logo in your and your team members’ email signatures, on your website, in your social profile, in your listing and buyer presentations, and on your business cards. RealTrends also offers a marketing package which you can find here:

Mistake #5 - Their Broker/Manager/Leader Ignores It

I know that it’s technically not a mistake that belongs to the mega agent who appears on the List, and yet, it may be an indirect one. Here’s the thing, you may be the only one in your office who earned this status - not to have your leaders celebrate this accomplishment (their business is also listed on the ranking) is a big miss and points to an environmental concern which we will not address in this piece. There is a lot to gain by having someone in your life celebrate your wins. This additional credibility can serve as both a talent and a client magnet.

Overcoming this mistake: show this list to your broker/manager/leader and request that they do a simple social media post and maybe even an announcement at the next office meeting. Remember, this is a win for them too!

When I was a broker-owner, I could not wait to get my hands on such a list so that I could celebrate these top performers who brought influence and validity to our company. My social media and email were cluttered with information about these awards. Today, I still find ways to celebrate those who are close to me on their accomplishments.

Here’s a one of the posts that I recently shared:

As you can see, these are easy to do and your broker/manager/leader will be glad to do it and continue helping you grow your business, right?

And there you have it! Top mistakes that can be easily avoided while increasing your customer base and talent pool.

Keep winning… Freedom is your grand prize!

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