Stop Recruiting Real Estate Agents!

Stop recruiting agents to your brokerage/team.

Since 2014, my team and I recruited over 1,000 real estate agents. None of them were recruited to our brokerages! Perplexed? Read on...

In the real estate brokerage industry, one variable is certain: real estate agent mobility. Agents move! Such is the life of an independent contractor. I am continuously amazed by how many people are amazed by this factor.

Yes, it’s highly probable that 80% of your current agents will not be in your brokerage or on your real estate team 3 years from now.

What I am even more amazed by is how many brokerage and team owners are attempting to grow by recruiting agents to their organizations.

You know what that looks and sounds like: “Look how great we are! We have (name of feature, such as office space, technology, etc.) and it is the best. You will love it. Blah blah blah blah.” As recruiters, we do this all the time and then wonder why very few agents join.

Here’s the secret: agents do not join your brokerage/team. Instead, they are joining an environment that they believe will help them accomplish their financial goals. That’s it! It’s that simple.

So you see… it’s not about your company, it’s about their financial goals. Show them how your environment can help them achieve their goals, and agents will flock to your brokerage the same way they did to ours (#1 in Maryland in production within 3 years of opening!).

Next time you’re talking to a recruit, talk about their goals and how your company will help them achieve them. You will be amazed at the conversations and results that follow!

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