The Decision - To Recruit Or Not

Just because you’re at a great buffet, does not mean you have to eat every single dish.

The first and most often overlooked step in going after any opportunity, not just EXP’s Revenue Share, is the actual decision regarding whether to pursue it or not. Most of us look at life and business as an all you can eat buffet - get as much as you can before it closes.

One thing I learned in life is that just because an “opportunity” exists, it does not mean that you have to run after it today. Pursuing too much at the same time may leave you scattered, dissatisfied, and not wanting to come back.

I recommend that you take some time to think through this decision.

Now... this is not a conversation about not pursuing Revenue Share as a financial wealth building opportunity. It is a true gift to any real estate professional. Rather, this is a conversation about making a CONSCIOUS decision to pursue it, or not, and then aligning your actions with that decision.

Sidenote: EXP Realty has no requirements that any of their agents recruit others to the company, and although Revenue Share payouts add up to significant sums and pretty quickly, it’s not the only way that the company serves as a wealth creation vehicle for its people - lower caps, higher splits, affordable health care plans, effective and inexpensive CRM, Express Offers system, and of course equity in the company that’s available to all. In fact, I predict that generous stock awards and Agent Equity Purchase Plan will make more real estate agents millionaires than revenue share when it’s all said and done.

So take your time to make a decision whether to go after Revenue Share as an opportunity today. If you decide to move forward, great! If at this time it’s not for you and you would like to capitalize on other wealth building options in front of you, that works too. You can always make a different decision down the line.

Questions to assist you with making the decision:

  1. Do I have a basic understanding of the revenue share system and how it works?

  2. Do I understand what it will take to pursue it? Talking with agents about their business, dealing with rejection, etc.

  3. How does it fit into my financial freedom plan?

  4. Am I willing to put in the time to learn and take action?

  5. How committed am I to winning in this area?

Most importantly, be honest with yourself and give yourself the space to make this decision. It’s not set in stone and you can always change your mind.

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